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Mission: Encouraging  Creativity 

I believe fear and discouragement stop the flow of creativity. 

It's my souls purpose to seek out joy and to share messages of inspiration and encouragement., for everyone has a creative talent that needs to be explored.


Colleen Lyons


    Colleen grew up in a small country town in Connecticut, now a wife, a mother of three amazing adult children and a Grandmother: currently living in Hendersonville TN.​    


     From an early age Colleen enjoyed drawing.  Art class was her favorite subject when she was growing up.  Through the years Colleen loved doing crafts and art projects with her children, slowly cultivating a passion for organization and crafting.  ​


    In 2008, her church was expanding its children’s building and asked for volunteers to help paint the murals.  As the project developed the artist and owner of Imagination Transformation hired her to work on the murals.  After close to a year on the project Colleen’s spark was lit and she had developed a passion to paint and encourage others to seek out their creative passions.


    Colleen is primarily self-taught. Her skills have developed through art videos, books, classes with amazing established artist and practice.  Colleen has an appreciation for all different types of mediums but predominately works with Acrylics and is known for her thick textures.  She embraces trying new technics and sells her pieces at several local shops, exhibits at area events and does custom commission work.


colleen lyon
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